Download our first dedicated travel white paper on the advocate and influencer marketing space.

When any of us plan our holidays and purchases today one of first things we do is check reviews to see what other people have experienced before making our final decision.

For brands to influence consumer behaviour at this crucial stage in the customer journey is absolutely critical to a successful travel business.

But how can small to medium sized brands do this and compete with bigger players if they lack the resources to scale up effectively?

In this paper, you can explore the challenge Air Mauritius faced; three ways Air Mauritius used advocate marketing and UGC to transform their reputation; and some top tips for advocate marketing in 2017.

You will discover how a small, national airline was able to challenge airlines multiple times its size and win market share through a clearly defined advocate marketing and UGC strategy that incorporated a cutting-edge digital advocacy platform.

Download our free white paper covering this new, exciting and innovative space in travel, with practical advice and expert tips talking you though how to optimise each stage of the customer journey.

This paper is for brands that want to gain a competitive advantage, increase customer sharing and engagement online, build a positive reputation and create a bigger business impact.

“Marketing-inspired word of mouth now generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising and is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions.”

McKinsey & Co 2015

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