This is our first annual report on The State of Influencer and Advocate Marketing.

In the last 12 years, Qube has witnessed the rise of influencer marketing and more recently the ground swell from consumers who are demanding a more authentic experience when making purchasing decisions and engaging with brands.

As consumer behaviour continues to change, it has prompted a surge in commentary about where this still new form of marketing is going and what it can really achieve. What can influencers and brand advocates deliver for businesses?

Big questions are now being asked about the authenticity of influencer marketing.

We’ve surveyed media agencies and brands and interviewed marketers, influencers and advocates across a wide spectrum of the industry – all to bring together a round-up of the current state of this rapidly evolving area of marketing.

Marketers in 2016 are being prompted to rethink their game, while agencies and brands begin to redraw their thinking about what an integrated campaign constitutes. With a need to maintain the industry reputation for marketing, meet customers’ needs and deliver a clear brand impact, there has never been more to play for.

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