Qubist transforms business communications empowering your employees to become brand advocates and drive growth.

Qubist enables companies to empower employees with the knowledge, content and tools to become confident and expert ambassadors of their brand on social media - sharing regularly. It has 4 main usecases: Marketing, Social Selling, Recruitment and Internal Communications.

Qubist works with companies across B2C and B2B in multiple sectors including retail, travel, auto, professional services & financial services.

Reach every employee wherever they are

Because Qubist is on mobile you can ensure content reaches every employee wherever they are – in store, on the road, at their desk. It means you can deliver a consistent message across the company. 


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Engage employees with relevant content

Employees receive a newsfeed of relevant content, personalised and timely through Qubist Smart Targeting ensuring high levels of sustained engagement with the programme.


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Give the confidence to tell the stories which matter

Qubist ‘create your own content’ feature gives employees the confidence to share their story in their own voice. The more authentic content means higher levels of engagement and reach by their followers.


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Share and track in messaging apps

Employees can use Qubist to share messages with trackable links to private messenging apps such as Whatsapp. Employees can better connect with customers as they increasingly use these platforms. It means you can track results and motivate employee activity.


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Informed and influential employees

Qubist allows you to both serve content for internal viewing only and for sharing externally. This means your employees get the latest information to support their job and to become more influential with customers.

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Motivate through gamification

Because Qubist lets you set leaderboards for individuals and groups (eg stores), employees get real- time feedback and progress reports compared to peers and company goals. This increases motivation to become confident and regular ambassadors for your organisation.


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Measure the impact and optimise

Qubist's live dashboard and reporting allows you to measure the impact of colleagues sharing on social media and benchmark with wider marketing activity. It enables you to optimise your earned media marketing performance.


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Plan and schedule content to employees

Qubist allows your advocacy managers to easily plan and schedule content to employees giving you the ability to integrate with existing campaigns and the flexibility to serve different content to different employees. It helps you get more out of your existing content while saving you time.


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Use cases


Increase brand awareness and engagement online with new and existing customers.

Talent Acquisition

Increase employee referrals and reduce recruitment costs.

Social selling

Generate leads and accelerate sales cycle through thought leadership.

Employee Communications

Keep employees informed and engaged via smart phone.

What People Are Saying

Eva Bojtos
Senior Manager, Social Marketing

“The passion and knowledge of our Partners is very powerful and inspiring. Giving them a way in which to connect personally with customers online provides a deeper more meaningful relationship.” i>

Doris Ah Kay Mun
Air Mauritius

“It's been beyond expectation. Qubist enabled us to place Air Mauritius’ sponsorship of Afrasia golf event in front of a targeted audience – a reach of over 6 million in 12 days.”

Harpreet Panesar
Business Manager, ICAEW

“Qubist enabled us to reduce advertising spend, while increasing brand endorsements by over 27,000 in three years, resulting in hundreds of new business leads. A totally transformational marketing tool.”

Andy Thompson
Head of Social, Iceland Foods

“We knew we wanted to scale up our employee advocate programme and we needed to find the right tool to do it. Qubist not only allows us to manage employee advocacy, it also gives us impressive results.”

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