Iceland Foods Advocacy White Paper

This is our first dedicated Retail white paper on the advocate and influencer marketing space. With trust in advertising at an all time low, brands have to adapt to fast changing consumer behaviour to find ways to build a deeper more personalised relationship with the customer to gain the competitive edge. Against this backdrop, how does a smaller food retailer compete with heavyweight supermarkets for market share?

One of the most iconic supermarket brands on the UK high street, Iceland Foods has built up a loyal customer following since first opening its doors in 1970. But in a fiercely competitive marketplace, Iceland Foods has had to find innovative and cost effective ways to increase brand awareness to reach new audiences and generate deeper engagement with existing customers.

With relatively small budgets, but huge ambition, the launch of Iceland Food’s employee advocate programme, Iceland Insiders, has tapped into their greatest asset – their colleagues – to supercharge word-of-mouth marketing around Iceland Foods. Iceland Insiders has created a company-wide army of brand ambassadors ready to share key brand messages to their friends, family and peers across social media.

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“Less than 6% of people trust advertising while 66% trust consumer opinions posted online rising to 83% when the recommendation is posted by a friend.”

-- Nielsen


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