Employee Advocacy: Getting Started

Where does the content come from?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked from clients starting an employee advocacy programme is 'where do we get the content for our advocacy programme from?'.

 In reality  there is a minimum resource and time requirement to create content that is effective for advocacy - and a huge amount of your existing content will be suitable.

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Can it be used for recruitment and talent acquisition?

Attracting and retaining talent has never been more competitive and employee advocacy is an approach that offers a major opportunity.

It enables enterprise level businesses to distribute employer branding more authentically.  Based on our experience working with leading global brands on employee advocacy, here are key takeaways on how to empower your employees to attract and refer brilliant candidates to join your company.

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How do we measure results effectively?

One of the biggest benefits of running a tech-driven employee advocacy programme is the ability to harness relevant, real time data to build a commercial advantage. Working with leading UK brands, we understand the importance of being able to access and measure data in real-time to drive sustainable results.

Here we give some expert guidance on what kind of data you should be looking to have access to when you start your employee advocacy programme and why this functionality is critical to drive outcomes that tie back into wider business objectives.

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Employee Advocacy: Who to recruit as your first recruits?

Selecting and recruiting the first advocates for your employee advocacy programme will ensure it gets off to a successful start, but how do you know who to pick and how do you get them on board smoothly?

Having launched multiple successful employee advocacy programmes, here’s some key tips that will have colleagues sharing content on a regular basis through the advocacy programme. 

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Employee advocacy: Run a programme in different languages

Global organisations can expect the best employee advocacy platforms to offer multiple languages to activate advocates internationally and drive global reach and relevance.

Having a mobile-first, multi-language employee advocacy app means you bring together a disparate workforce and maximise access to relevant content. Here are a few more things to know before starting your employee advocacy programme.

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Qube_blogworkforceEmployee advocacy: Bringing together a disparate workforce

Colleagues who are not office-based present a challenge to any company looking to keep all their staff connected, engaged and empowered.

Making sure employees are informed and receive consistent communication is a key benefit in adopting an employee advocacy programme. Below we offer some expert guidance on how Qubist has helped clients bring together and motivate a disparate workforce for measurable results.

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Why do we need an advocate platform? 

Your employees share online already, so you don't need a platform, right? Wrong. If your company’s employees are already sharing brand content organically, it’s a great indicator of a good cultural fit for a more structured advocacy programme. Rolling out a formal programme using tech and rigorous advocacy methodology means you can scale up and measure results.

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What team do you need in place for employee advocacy?

Creating your employee advocacy team is straightforward when you have the right tech platform in place to support your activity with colleagues, scale up the programme and measure the results accurately.

Essentially, you’ll need three key roles and here we've included the team you need to get up and running with your employee advocacy programme. Read on to see who you should have on your team.

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How do we manage our reputation?

Reputation management is a priority for brands, and when we’re talking to new clients it’s a question that often comes up. If you’re considering launching an employee advocacy, our advice is that you’ll add a section to your existing social media guidelines to support your advocates in how to talk about the brand online.

At Qubist, we’ve led many household brands through employee advocacy launches to ensure their programmes reflect brand vision and values accurately. Here’s some insight and tips on how to safeguard and your brand reputation through employee advocacy.

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Qube_blogROIBeyond Paid Media: How Employee Advocacy drives ROI

Paid advertising is suffering huge spending cuts as marketers question its relevance and effectiveness for today’s consumer. P&G has cut its agency spend by $750m in the past three years and plans to increase that figure to $1.2bn by 2021.

Employee advocacy has gained traction for CMOs as a more direct approach to consumers, which delivers stronger ROI. Below we take a look at how it delivers on the bottom line.

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Employees being asked to share on personal networks?

We are often asked, will employees want to share brand content to their own personal networks?

Having successfully guided global companies through this process to roll out their employee advocacy programmes, below we look at the key reasons your staff will want to get on board and share your content in the long-term.

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5 ways to drive a successful employee advocate programme

What makes an employee advocacy programme successful in the long run?

To make sure your new programme starts very strongly and then continues to grow and deliver sustainable results, take a look at Qubist's insights on how to drive a successful employee advocacy programme below.

An employee advocacy mobile app that only takes 2-3 minutes per day to use gives colleagues convenient access to content wherever they are and for whenever they want to share it to their own personal networks.

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How does it increase marketing reach?

Against a backdrop of declining ROI on paid media, we're often asked how employee advocacy increases marketing reach and engagement. 

Based on our work with some of the UK’s leading brands, here are just some of the ways employees can help increase your marketing reach and engagement levels.

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Why would your team want to take part?

Motivating employees is critical to the long-term success of an advocacy programme and it’s important to get off to a good start.

Employees can be motivated by different things but in all cases feedback is essential.  Here we share our experience of helping leading brands create sustainable programmes that motivate and retain colleagues as advocates in order to scale the advocacy programme over the long term. 

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What type of content will advocates share?

Knowing the best type of content to ask colleagues to share on your employee advocacy programme is a key factor in how successful your programme is going to be. Get it right, and your advocates will share content that feels authentic and natural to share.

Get it wrong and advocates will drop out after a few shares.

So, what should you be sharing, and what do you need to consider when you’re asking people from across the company who have different roles and experience, and may be working in different regions or countries?

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Qube_blogintranetEmployee advocacy: An alternative to our Intranet?

Only 13% of employees use a company intranet according to research by Hinge & Social Media Today, a statistic that reflects the problem enterprise businesses are having in communicating with a disparate workforce.

Impacting all sectors from fashion retail and supermarkets through to auto, finance and travel, using new tech solutions to communicate consistently and efficiently with staff is a growing concern for the C-suite.

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Employee advocacy: Can it help reach a new talent pool?

There’s clear evidence to show how a diverse workforce can give companies a competitive advantage, brands are more likely to outperform their competitors by 35% according to research from McKinsey. So, how can brands recruit effectively to ensure they are getting a rich variety of talent?

Here’s an overview of how introducing a formal employee advocacy programme can help meet this challenge. 

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