Facemash to Cash Money: How Social Grew Up

[fa icon="calendar'] 20/03/17 15:13 / by Nigel Cooper posted in advocate marketing, Earned Media, Social media, Facebook, Customer engagement, employee engagement, brand advocacy, brand advocates, brand ambassadors, brand fans


It is estimated Facebook will close in on 2 billion monthly users by the middle of this year. That’s the total population of China, the US and Russia combined, and then some. It raked in $27.6 billion in total revenue for 2016 and its last quarter in 2016 beat most analysts’ predictions with a strong profit of $3.568 billion.

It’s easy to watch the latest cat gif in bed in the morning and forget how ubiquitous the social network is and how it’s permeated so many of our lives. It was 2003, when Mark Zuckerburg at Harvard changed a programme he had created as a second-year student from Facemash to Thefacebook.

How social has grown up matters because of the opportunity it offers brands, with the right approach, to get in front of their target audience and convert them [read on].

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Qubist Interview: Inside Advocacy with MEC’s Maria Dsouza

[fa icon="calendar'] 01/02/17 13:02 / by Nigel Cooper posted in advocate marketing, influencer marketing, brand fans, Earned Media, Advertising


Maria Dsouza, Social Media Director, MEC, tells us what Advocate Marketing is and why it’s an opportunity to get the right people speaking on your behalf

She explains how the Paid, Earned and Owned Media landscape looks right now and where the budgets are going.

And gives us an insight into the power of conversations and how that stacks up against advertising.

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