Beyond Paid Media: How Employee Advocacy drives ROI

[fa icon="calendar'] 27/06/18 15:41 / by Mark Henshall posted in advocate marketing, employee advocacy, employee advocacy programme, employee advocacy platform, employee advocacy tool, paid media, Advertising, Digital advertising, ROI


Paid advertising is suffering huge spending cuts as marketers question its relevance and effectiveness for today’s consumer. P&G has cut its agency spend by $750m in the past three years and plans to increase that figure to $1.2bn by 2021.

The exponential rise in ad blockers demonstrates consumers are voting with their feet to experience content in ad-free environments. In an age of transparency and fake news, mass advertising feels ham-fisted and just doesn’t cut it any more. To compound this, paid costs are rising sharply as platforms reach maximum ad load. Facebook CPMs increased by 171% during the first half of 2017 alone according to adstage.

Employee advocacy has gained traction for CMOs as a more direct approach to consumers, which delivers stronger ROI. Below we take a look at how it delivers on the bottom line.

 See 'How employee advocacy increases marketing reach and engagement'

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Qubist Interview: Inside Advocacy with MEC’s Maria Dsouza

[fa icon="calendar'] 01/02/17 13:02 / by Nigel Cooper posted in advocate marketing, influencer marketing, brand fans, Earned Media, Advertising


Maria Dsouza, Social Media Director, MEC, tells us what Advocate Marketing is and why it’s an opportunity to get the right people speaking on your behalf

She explains how the Paid, Earned and Owned Media landscape looks right now and where the budgets are going.

And gives us an insight into the power of conversations and how that stacks up against advertising.

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