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Qubist on stage at World Travel Market: Is Influencer Marketing the way forward for destinations?

The travel industry has struggled in how best to approach and adopt Influencer Marketing in 2017, something we spoke about recently in this post.

We joined an expert panel for a session at World Travel Market (WTM) to look at these issues and opportunities, and explore how destinations can make the most of influencer and advocate marketing in 2018 (watch the video here).

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Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 12.45.56.pngInfluencer Marketing: A growing spectrum of influence

During the WTM session Qubist’s Head of Content, Mark Henshall, and the rest of the panel covered many issues from the payment of Influencers and how influencers approach brands to celebrity influencers and how best a destination can approach influencer marketing effectively.

Underlying all of these questions is a more central question however of what influence actually means – not popularity, but actually making a change; impacting on someone’s behaviour. This is where we believe Influencer Marketing is going to change in 2018 as more brands care less about Influencers vying for attention, and more about Influencers who can make an impact on someone’s behaviour.

This will certainly mean the continued rise of micro-influencers who are able to achieve more engagement within their communities than big influencers with huge numbers of followers and reach but very low engagement.

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It will also mean the rise of customer influencers and employee influencers or brand advocates. These two groups have networks of friends, family and peers who trust them and will act on their recommendations – making a change. Yes, they have less followers than a big Instagrammer or Youtuber, but new tech platforms now mean brands can work with customers and employees in their thousands, meaning reach and engagement can be achieved at once.

For destinations, customers, employees and the people who live in the destination itself and are passionate about it, can all be advocates and affect great change in celebrating and promoting it as a top tourism destination.

The travel industry has a huge opportunity in 2018 to work more effectively with people of real influence.

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Go here for the full World Travel Market video.

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Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper
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