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Qubist makes waves with new event: Influencer Marketing needs a radical re-think

WAVE 2017 certainly had a ripple effect this week with the hashtag #wave17summit alone trending on Twitter for six hours, achieving 1,366 endorsements and more than 10m impressions in one day.

But the main takeaway is we need to talk about Influence and what it really means.

Influencer Marketing requires a radical re-think. It isn’t about popularity or an attention game. As our keynote speaker, Brian Solis, said: “Influence is the ability to cause effect or change behaviour.” And this has to change influencer marketing thinking drastically.

Qube-Media-WAVE-2017-Kings-Place-Simon-Callaghan-Photography-148.jpgRedefining Influence

When we begin the look at Influence afresh through the prism of behaviour change, one of the most important points is the rise of the ‘everyday’ influencer who has a high degree of trust with their friends, family and peers.

Brands can now enter into a dialogue with these everyday influencers like customers or employees and scale influencer or advocate programmes with new technology.

As Joe Weston, We are Social’s Group account director, Adidas, said at the conference [see clip here] this is about the “redefinition of influence”. He said: “What we are seeing increasingly is people moving away from the large-scale celebrity influence down to chain to the more everyday or proximity influencer.”

Brian Solis, Altimeter, our keynote speaker, said [see clip here]: “Influence 2.0… is really about understanding how people make decisions. And the whole premise of influence 2.0 is looking at the entire customer journey or the entire employee journey to understand where are those moments of opportunity, what are people asking, what are people looking for, who are the people that they trust, who are the people that they respect and why and what do those communities look like?”

The feedback from the floor during the day and post-event backs up the feeling that the idea of Influence needs a radical overhaul, but also that we all have a huge opportunity to embrace.

Keep tuned to the blog for more videos, content and insight from the event.

You can see images of the day here.


Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper
CPO of Qubist, writer, dog owner, father and smirker.

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