Is an employee advocacy programme an alternative to our Intranet?

04/07/18 15:00 / by Caroline Jory

Caroline Jory

Only 13% of employees use a company intranet according to research by Hinge & Social Media Today, a statistic that reflects the problem enterprise businesses are having in communicating with a disparate workforce. Impacting all sectors from fashion retail and supermarkets through to auto, finance and travel, using new tech solutions to communicate consistently and efficiently with staff is a growing concern for the C-suite.

If your intranet isn’t helping employees connect and engage with your organisation, it will impact productivity, culture and ultimately turnover.

Productivity improves by 20-25% in organisations with connected employees according to The McKinsey Global Institute - that equates to revenues worth $1.3 trillion per year.

Below we take a look at why you should consider an employee advocacy programme as an alternative to an Intranet to build better workplace communications.

 Employee Advocacy – How it brings together a disparate workforce


How are businesses using advocacy platforms?

There are two main ways large businesses are using employee advocacy platforms:

  • build better internal communications
  • enable staff to share great content to their own personal social networks

Internal communcations:

Using an employee advocacy platform means you can update staff with the information they need to do their jobs well. Information can be shared for internal view only – say for product launches, company news, messages from top management – helping unite staff around clear internal comms messages and a shared purpose, vision and values.

Employee advocacy:

A tech-enabled employee advocacy platform also allows staff easy access to visible and regularly updated content that they can share on their personal social networks. Content can be personalised to individual employees’ such as role, or the country or region they work in. And a mobile-first approach means colleagues can share whenever is most convenient.

Qubist Tip: The Qubist app is a multi-language employee advocacy platform on Android and IOS as well as desktop, so employees can access localised and personalised content on a global scale

Our employees share already - why will an advocacy tech platform help?

Improve communication and business growth

A tech-powered employee advocacy platform means all staff can see, choose, personalise and share company news and this can be tracked, measured, and optimised to keep moving the programme forward to meet the relevant business goals.

Hinge research reports that 60% of employees in formal employee advocacy programmes spend 5+ hours on business related social media activities. Compare this to the previous stat – only 13% use the company intranet. Add to this that employees collectively have social networks 10 times that of a single corporate brand, according to research from LinkedIn.

In a nutshell - advantages of an employee advocacy platform include:

  • Informed employees at a global level on brand news and initiatives
  • A programme that can be scaled quickly for sustainable results
  • A disparate global workforce united around a single programme
  • More engaged and productive employees
  • A significantly improved way to distribute your employer brand and Employer Brand Proposition (EVP)

The Qubist employee advocacy platform and proprietary Advocate Experience Management methodology allows global brands and businesses to quickly scale measurable word-of-mouth and achieve sustainable results.

Learn more about Qubist: Request a demo today


Interested in learning what the Qubist platform and our Advocate Experience Management methodology can do for your brand? Get in contact and request a demo today





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Caroline Jory

Written by Caroline Jory

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