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Employee advocacy success: Reputation Management

Reputation management is a priority for brands, and when we’re talking to new clients it’s a question that often comes up. If you’re considering launching an employee advocacy, our advice is that you’ll add a section to your existing social media guidelines to support your advocates in how to talk about the brand online.

At Qubist, we’ve led many household brands through employee advocacy launches to ensure their programmes reflect brand vision and values accurately. Here’s some insight and tips on how to safeguard and enhance your brand reputation through your new employee advocacy programme.

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Should we let employees share content?

The short answer is yes.

Employees already enjoy sharing on social media, it’s happening. Research by Weber Shandwick suggests some 50% are already talking about their workplace and company to their networks on social.

Using advocacy tech to enable employees to share

What a tech-powered employee advocacy programme allows companies to do is to give their teams an easy to use platform that facilitates the sharing of content that staff knows is okay to share. It’s not about pre-written messaging, it’s about having supportive prompts to guide staff in the sort of content they might share. And because it’s measurable, you can see who is sharing what and the types of results you’re getting.

For years, brands told staff not to talk on social for fear of sending out the wrong brand message, mixed messages or bringing the brand into disrepute. But things have changed and brands are now wising up to the benefits of having their own people sharing content.

Customers, or potential candidates in the case of talent acquisition, want to read about a brand’s purpose, their why. They are switching off inauthentic content and demanding transparency. And this is where employees can play a huge role. Employees know your brand, products and services better than anyone else. 

 See 'Employee advocacy success: What type of content will advocates share?'

How to work with colleagues

The aim of an employee advocacy programme is to create content that advocates will be happy to share on a regular basis, that feels natural for them to share and that engages their followers and friends. Importantly, the posts support business objectives and can integrate and amplify existing marketing activity and campaigns.

Qubist Tip: Follow up on any advocate questions quickly - be on hand to solve any challenges and to take on feedback

What if someone says negative stuff?

Part of the attraction of employee content is that it is authentic and relevant, but colleagues are still expected to be ambassadors for the brand as they would be offline.

By running a pilot programme and providing clear social media guidelines, training and outlining personal benefits, our experience is that by working closely with colleagues, negative comments are reduced.

With an employee advocacy platform such as Qubist, advocate managers will be able to monitor and track all activity in real-time, review topline content on a weekly basis and report on it monthly. If a negative comment does occur, the platform enables admins to see it quickly, take it down and contact colleagues.

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