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How to motivate your team to join an employee advocacy programme?

Motivating employees is critical to the long-term success of an advocacy programme and it’s important to get off to a good start.

Employees can be motivated by different things but in all cases feedback is essential. This should come in the form of automated gamification, thanks from senior management, seeing your original advocate post redistributed on the brand page, or occasional surprise and delight manual rewards. Here we share our experience of helping leading brands create sustainable programmes that motivate and retain colleagues as advocates in order to scale the programme over the long term. 

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Why do colleagues do it?

What are some of the key motivators behind why people share?

  • Helping friends, family and peers with advice and guidance
  • Social status
  • Thought leadership and career development
  • A sense of purpose in work and being proud of it
  • Senior recognition (e.g. a message on the intranet or shout out to the team)
  • Gamification (points, badges and levels)

To motivate employees it’s worth keeping all of the above in mind as your teams will want to see the benefits for them in the programme quickly when you start it.

Expecting colleagues to share and, crucially, to continue sharing, will only happen by adopting a platform that helps harness these types of motivation. Gamification is very popular in Qubist, keeping the programme fun while nurturing colleagues along the advocate journey.

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How does Gamification work?

Gamification means that when employees share posts on the employee advocacy platform they earn points for the level of influence they achieve (likes, comments etc.).

Points are translated into a leaderboard and badges – these badges are given automatically for the level of influence, impressions and engagement the advocate achieves. Importantly, badges let colleagues know they are making progress, which is key for them to want to continue to use an employee advocacy programme.

Programmes can also use ‘surprise and delight’ rewards - either manual badges for those who go the extra mile such as Advocate of the Week or Star of the Month, or occasional hard rewards such as vouchers.

Qubist Tip: Leaderboards have proved popular and fun with Qubist’s retail clients, with stores competing against one another to get to the top and achieve first place.

Nudges and notifications

In addition to points, badges and levels through gamification, it’s useful to motivate colleagues with prompts to encourage them to share. Different people like to share different content at different times, so nudges and notifications about new content help support ongoing engagement in the programme.

See 'Employee advocacy success: What type of content will advocates share?'

One our key usp's is Qubist's proprietary methodology that motivates advocates ongoing. It includes notifications and email prompts to support advocates on their journey (for example, if employees started to share but have stopped, do they need a 101 guide on social?).

Understanding key motivations and how to develop a programme that supports this will help you grow authentic brand awareness and generate high value leads quickly. 

The Qubist employee advocacy platform and proprietary Advocate Experience Management methodology allows global brands and businesses to quickly scale measurable word-of-mouth and achieve sustainable results.

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Caroline Jory
Caroline Jory
Sales and Marketing Director at Qubist

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