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How to mobilise employees to become brand ambassadors

How do you engage your employees to become your best brand ambassadors?

Empowering your employees to become confident and expert ambassadors can transform your business communications with the right knowledge, content and tools.

Below we outline some of the key factors in building a more meaningful relationship with employees and supporting them to become brand ambassadors.

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Adopt tech to scale

Choose the right employee advocacy solution – one that allows you to create an efficient, sustainable programme that can scale and speaks to each employee in an individual and human way.

How do you achieve this? Key features include: the ability to plan content for advocates; target individual advocates and types of advocate with relevant content at the right time; support advocates create their own content; gamification to incentivise and encourage advocates; and a dashboard to track metrics in real time.

Implement a full strategy

A tech tool needs to be supported by a full strategy that builds wider business objectives into your advocacy strategy. This ensures the new advocacy programme is supporting business KPIs, driving growth and getting buy-in from senior leadership.

Qubist Tip: The employee advocacy app Qubist is supported by Qube Media, an award-winning digital, social media and content consultancy working with global businesses since 2003 to tackle the challenges of changing communications.

Reach all employees

An app like Qubist ensures employees can access dynamic content whenever and wherever is most convenient to them - in store, on the road, at their desk. It means you can deliver a consistent message across the company. 

Engage employees with relevant content

Employees need to receive a personalised newsfeed of relevant and timely content that speaks to them, their role, needs and motivations. An app that incorporates a high degree of smart targeting means employees will enjoy a high level of sustained engagement as they get the right kind of suggestions, reminders and support.

Some of your employees will prefer to share articles, while others will be more visually inclined, sharing images with short text or videos. Making sure employees get a choice of formats to share is essential in engaging with each employee on a personal level.

Too many company engagement tools or basic apps out there feel like clunky ‘work apps’ with no resemblance to most apps that people use every day – this kind of flat corporate curation will always fall short.

Share stories that matter

Employee engagement and advocacy depends on people having the confidence to use their own voice. Qubist’s ‘create your own content’ feature gives employees the confidence to share their story in their own voice.

Advocates can personalise content to make it authentic before sharing it their social networks. This authenticity means higher levels of engagement and reach through their followers. Employees are the new Influencers as they are seen as both ‘human’ and relatable.

Serving up bite-sized pieces of content also helps employees share easily and ensures a high level of adoption and engagement.

Qubist Tip: Running an employee advocacy programme in different languages requires an agile content approach in order to make it relevant to the audience. Qubist’s experience covers Europe, Africa and Asia including China. 

Support influential employees

Having a next generation app means employees can be served some content just for internal viewing (and not sharing). This can be very useful when giving some context around a major new campaign or announcement, for example, supporting employees in their job to become more influential with customers.

Motivate employees

For your brand advocates to remain engaged, they will need to be incentivised. Qubist allows you to set leaderboards for individuals and groups (e.g. teams or stores), where employees get real-time feedback and progress reports compared to peers and company goals. This increases motivation and confidence to become a regular ambassador for your organisation.

Qubist Tip: Employees receive feedback on how well they’re doing in the programme through built gamification with points, badges and leaderboards.

Measure the impact

When adopting an employee advocacy app make sure admins are able to measure and optimise performance. Qubist's live dashboard and reporting allows you to measure the impact of colleagues sharing on social media and benchmark with wider marketing activity. It enables you to optimise your earned media marketing performance.

Admins can monitor and manage the programme ensuring employees share the right messages, and you will be able to see what content performs best and when.

Track messaging apps

There has been a huge rise in the use of encrypted ‘dark social’ networks such WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Message and Facebook Messenger.

Employees can use Qubist to share messages into these private messaging apps to better connect with customers, and Qubist is able to track those links, so you can track results and motivate employee activity.

Plan and schedule content to employees

Whether you are using employee advocacy to drive growth in Marketing, Recruitment or Social Selling, it’s crucial that any new app integrates with current campaigns and activity.

Qubist gives the flexibility to schedule and serve up different content to different employees to help you get the most out of your existing content.

Qubist Tip: Make sure your employee advocacy app is set up for Android and IOS as well as the desktop version – your employees will undoubtedly have a mix of devices and operating systems, so this is a must-have feature.

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Mark Henshall
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