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How telecoms giants are switching on customers and employees

New technology is of course key to the new influencer marketing – as is communications.

What we have today is a world where individuals can share thoughts, insights and preferences – and in an instant reach an audience of potentially thousands.

Today, too, with traditional advertising on its wane in terms of trust and audience allegiance, more and more exciting companies are taking up the challenge of new influencer marketing.


This means not just relying on the big name influencers – celebrity advocates or bloggers – but instead the reach of loyal customers and employees.

Exciting times. And it’s no surprise to find telecoms powers interested.

White Paper

We cover a lot of this ground in our recent White Paper: The next evolution of influencer marketing.

In it, we include 32 company case studies across a whole range of sectors – from beauty, to fashion, from airlines to automotive.

We also look at telecoms approaches.

To quote Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg:

‘A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.’

So... how to find those holy grails?

4 approaches

Here’s 4 ways telecoms companies have experimented with.

1. Vodafone employee advocacy programme

Vodafone realised it had potential it wasn’t filling. It took action.

‘Based on research that the majority of staff weren’t sure what they could and couldn’t share on social media, Vodafone launched their employee advocacy programme to empower staff to share content and build their personal brand.’

So reads our White Paper.

It’s a perfect example of taking a resource that already existed – staff engagement, interest and enthusiasm – and harnessing it.

The company’s done this by

  • Providing slick content ready to share: ‘industry and company news, thought leadership pieces and product related content’
  • Promoting the programme within the company, encouraging employees to participate
  • Recognising those who do. Plus, all staff end up with a greater appreciation across all areas of the business

Win, win, win.

2. Orange Sponsors You

One always powerful way is to take an enthusiasm people already have, and amplify it – by offering the means for them to engage and broadcast across social media.

Here’s a good example.

Orange put UEFA Euro 2016 fans ‘at the heart of conversation’, as our White Paper puts it. People ‘were recruited across the globe’.

Here’s the key: to target fans, then engage them with compelling content at exactly the right moment.

Orange’s effort generated more than 3 million uses of their hashtag – #OrangeSponsorsYou – during the course of UEFA Euro 2016.

They built a bespoke platform ‘for fans to support their team by posting images/video on social’ under the hashtag.

They then rewarded those fans with ‘goodies, tickets, personalised content to share. Orange employees were also invited to join.’

Excellent result. All round.

3. Three Sing It Kitty UGC campaign

This is a campaign that encouraged viewers to put themselves, literally, in the picture.

The idea was to create an ad ‘with a UGC twist where consumers could upload a picture of themselves to be used in a custom-made version’.

Sound good?

And there was a selection process, which added a competition feel.

  • You could download a mobile app or visit Three’s Sing It Kitty website to upload your own picture
  • ‘The best pictures were selected to be included in a custom-made version of the ad’, explains our White Paper
  • And the campaign drove brand awareness to new audiences via customers’ social networks – ‘those who were selected’, suggests our account, ‘were more likely to share the video on their own social media’

Well, yes… Why wouldn’t you?

4. Team Ericsson

Ericsson employs more than 110,000 people across the world. That’s quite a resource. A resource it decided to capitalise on.

It pulled its various employee and social media efforts together under one umbrella – and the hashtag #TeamEricsson.

‘Employee advocates receive training on how to be a good advocate before sharing brand messaging, industry thought leadership, company news and product stories.’

So says our White Paper.

‘Focus on training has led to improved employee engagement and allowed Ericsson to amplify employer brand to new audiences across all social channels.’

It’s all about amplification, of course.

Getting a positive message out – one that also makes people feel rosy by association.

There’s much more detail on all of this, plus many more (amplified) case studies.

Download our White Paper here.

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