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How Employee Advocacy makes a huge impact on talent acquisition

An employee advocacy programme can fundamentally transform the recruitment process and your ability to attract the best talent on the market, and hold on to them.

At Qubist, we've seen this success first hand across multiple sectors and below is  snapshot of some of the media coverage we've had explaining how employee advocacy can deliver sustainable results with the right tech and methodology.

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1. CIPD People Management

Research from some of the most authoritative sources globally such as Mckinsey, Nielsen and Gartner demonstrate that people trust people. 

In this piece in CIPD's People Management 'Why employee advocacy attracts the best talent', we can see how companies use this knowledge to empower employees and make sure they don't lose out on the best candidates.

 Attracting top talent requires authentic storytelling from employees at the heart of the company, targeted localised content and a personalised approach.

2. Econsultancy

See how top brands including ASOS and Sky are using employee advocacy to get a competitive advantage in recruitment in this post on Econsultancy: 'Five brands using employee advocacy to drive talent acquisition'.

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3. HR Zone

How do you get to the best minds in the market, especially when there is a huge passive candidate pool of people not actively looking for their next position? This article in HR Zone shows how employee advocacy leads to a smart, efficient approach: 'Recruit smart: How employee advocacy can attract talent'.

 Our employees share already - why will an advocacy tech platform help?

4. Talent Culture

Employee advocacy not only increases the effectiveness of talent acquisition but also leads to more diversity in your candidate pool - working with employees, at scale, allows you to reach potential candidates that wouldn't otherwise become familiar with your brand. See more in this article from Talent Culture: 'How employee advocacy drives recruitment diversity'

See 'How to motivate your team to join an employee advocacy programme'

5. HR Grapevine

Enterprise businesses in sectors from Retail, Auto, Professional Services, Travel, Utitlities, Telecomms and Financial Services are all beginning to realise the potential of working more closely with their workforce. The opportunity of leveraging your best asset - the people who know your products and services better than anyone - is huge, as this feature in HR Grapevine outlines: 'Why every business needs employee advocates'. 

6. HR Technologist

New tech now allows companies to onboard employees to an advocacy programme quickly and easily, and roll this out company wide, often after an initial proof of concept pilot period. Brands that take advantage of this tech and who are supported by Qubist methodology that delivers sustainable engagement from employees, are able to deliver a personalised, localised approach to recruitment. See more on how advocacy tech is boosting recruitment while cutting costs in this HR Technologist article: 'How employee advocacy can boost talent acquisition and reduce recruitment costs'.

Our employees share already - why will an advocacy tech platform help?

Qubist is an employee advocacy app which enables companies to execute a brilliant - authentic - social media recruitment strategy through their employees.

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Caroline Jory
Caroline Jory
Sales and Marketing Director at Qubist

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