How employee advocacy increases marketing reach and engagement

20/04/18 12:55 / by Caroline Jory

Caroline Jory

Companies need to find new ways to build awareness to reach and engage new and existing audiences against a backdrop of declining ROI on paid media and decreasing trust in brands from customers.

In 2018, employee advocacy is one approach to meet this challenge head on while building a more informed workplace through better employee engagement. Below we share some expert tips through our work on employee advocacy with the UK’s leading brands.

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Marketing challenges and employee-led solutions

Here are a few of the challenges marketers face in 2018 and how employees can help:

  • A need to build greater brand awareness in relevant audiences - employees are connected to these relevant audiences
  • Customer demand for more authentic communication and a clearer statement of what brands stand for – employees help communicate the ‘why and ‘purpose’, and know your brand, products and services better than anyone
  • How to shift away from advertising to more authentic marketing channels – employees communicate with friends, family and peers through their own personal channels
  • How to build brand engagement with customers – brand messages are shared 24x more when distributed by employees
  • Need to increase employee engagement aligned to business priorities – an employee advocacy platform supports the brand vision and values in a measurable way
  • Find new ways to engage a disparate workforce around key brand campaigns and initiatives – an employee advocacy programme helps bring colleagues together around a central purpose

Qubist Tip: New employees often make great recruits for an employee advocacy programme as they are in close contact with their manager and immersed in the new company culture and values

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Amplify your marketing strategy

Employee advocacy is the marketing approach offering major growth opportunities in 2018 as a seismic shift occurs away from pure advertising and pay to play Influencer Advertising.

With an employee advocacy programme such as Qubist, employees are able to share curated and personalised content across their own social networks to see a rapid increase in authentic customer reach and engagement.

The Qubist employee advocacy platform and proprietary Advocate Experience Management methodology allows global brands and businesses to quickly scale measurable word-of-mouth and achieve sustainable results.

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Caroline Jory

Written by Caroline Jory

Engagement Director at Qubist

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