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Employee Advocacy: Where do we get content for our advocacy programme?

This is one of the most frequent questions we get asked from clients starting an employee advocacy programme. The good news is there is a minimum of resource and time needed to create content that is effective and there is a huge amount of existing content you’ll be able to use for your employees to get going. Sound good? Let’s get started.

A significant amount of content relevant to employee advocates can be sourced from existing content that can be re-used in your programme, whether you want to use it to drive your marketing strategy or for talent acquisition.

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Employee advocacy to drive talent acquisition 

Using your team’s expertise to build content

You can call upon different teams within your organisation to assess how much content you have – our clients are always surprised by how much they have ready to go. Easy, entry-level content that can be shared includes:

  • Working day posts to celebrate internal culture
  • Shout outs to teams and team members
  • Sharing of company jobs

Employee advocacy to increase marketing reach and engagement

To increase your brand presence and reach new audiences to engage with, look to your existing work that you can use for advocates, for example:

  • Social media plan
  • Influencer created content
  • Campaign assets
  • Seasonal initiatives
  • Events-based content
  • Customer UGC
  • Existing image and video assets

Leading brands often use these assets as a starting point - to give life to content that hasn’t been shared at scale by employees before. The key here is employees will be sharing out to their own personal networks on social media, in a voice that’s authentic and human, using language that resonates with the people they reach.

Qubist Tip: Qubist uses its own Advocate Management Experience (AXM) methodology to support clients in creating relevant content advocates will like and share regularly.

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Content and recruitment: Next steps

As your programme matures, you will be able to see what content is performing well and needs to be optimised, and assess where content gaps exist, for example, certain personas in the company you still need to reach with relevant content.

As the programme builds, you can begin creating more original content – again with a minimum of resource that will help you improve the recruitment process and attract the best talent. Examples of this type of content might include:

  • Career stories: use your team’s expertise to build career stories. Brands such as Unilever, B&Q and Taco Bell use this approach to great effect and it brings to life the employee journey and opportunities at a company.
  • Call centre questions and answers: If you have a call centre, ask what the most frequently asked questions are about your company’s products and services and create some short-form content to answer these questions.
  • Content feeds or alerts: Use curated content feeds or tools such as Google alerts to monitor news and insight in your sector you may want to curate and use in your own content programme.

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Qubist Tip: Brands can use Qubist smart content targeting to reach individual employee lists grouped depending on client. These groups will receive relevant content in their feed, as well as targeted emails and prompts.

The Qubist employee advocacy platform and proprietary Advocate Experience Management methodology allows global brands and businesses to quickly scale measurable word-of-mouth and achieve sustainable results.

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