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Employee advocacy success: Who to recruit as your first advocates?

Selecting and recruiting the first advocates for your employee advocacy programme will ensure it gets off to a successful start, but how do you know who to pick and how do you get them on board smoothly?

Having launched multiple successful employee advocacy programmes, here’s some key tips that will have colleagues sharing content on a regular basis through the advocacy programme. 

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Who are your 'early adopters'? 

There will be staff across your organisation who are active on, and passionate about social media and are great supporters of the brand online.

Find the first advocates who are keen to take part in the pilot, and who want to share content about working at the company to their followers on social media and help shape the future of the programme.

For the pilot phase, these people will be ‘early adopters’ - those identified on a personal level from within teams deemed likely to be interested in joining the programme and becoming successful members.

How to identify early adopters

There are various proven ways to source early adopters including:

  • Interview managers about who would be a good fit
  • Consult your HR and Marketing teams for potential recruits
  • Run a survey to gauge interest and top recruits
  • Explore a variety of recruits from different departments and locations
  • Make contact with colleagues already sharing brand news on social media
  • Raise awareness at team and departmental meetings

Qubist Tip: Consider new starters as recruits. New colleagues will undergo a social media induction and this is a good point in their employment journey to introduce the advocacy programme.

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What works best to get people involved?

Email the early adopters you have identified and invite them to:

  • An introductory huddle with senior stakeholders
  • View an introduction video

These and Qubist's additional methods allow you to raise awareness of the advocacy programme and develop a deeper understanding of what it is.

Qubist Tip: Communicate the programme’s value proposition and personal relevance to stakeholders in the programme to ensure engagement.

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Tips for getting colleagues to engage with the programme

  • Personal contact with key people builds relationships
  • Being clear on the benefits to them (personally) is crucial
  • Following up quickly to ensure people sign up or be on hand to solve any issues

The Qubist employee advocacy platform and proprietary Advocate Experience Management methodology allows global brands and businesses to quickly scale measurable word-of-mouth and achieve sustainable results.

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