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Employee Advocacy: How it helps bring together a disparate workforce

Colleagues who are not office-based present a challenge to any company looking to keep all their staff connected, engaged and empowered.

Making sure employees are informed and receive consistent communication is a key benefit in adopting an employee advocacy programme. Below we offer some expert guidance on how Qubist has helped clients bring together and motivate a disparate workforce for measurable results.

 Our employees share already - why will an advocacy tech platform help?


Distribution of messaging

With large companies having the majority of their staff offsite, particularly in retail, hospitality and travel sectors, how to distribute messaging to everyone who needs it, and empowering employees to stay informed is crucial.

Using antiquated systems such as intranets, posters and pdfs that few staff engage with is a huge problem. With 91% of social media users accessing social channels through mobile according to Pew Research Center,  enterprise businesses are looking at more innovative solutions to how to tackle this issue, and employee advocacy is coming through as one such solution. Not only can you provide a rich mix of content for employees to share to their own networks on social, but using a platform such as Qubist allows you to share internal updates also.

With an employee advocacy platform that delivers targeted content for different departments, countries and regions, it also means enterprises can work at a global level with local, relevant strategies in place.

Why employee advocacy works

The benefits using an employee advocacy platform include:

  • A chance for staff to receive up-to-date company news on their smartphones wherever they are – not all content needs to be shareable, so staff can be kept informed at all times
  • An opportunity for staff to choose and share company insight and news on their own social channels in any location
  • An excellent means to communicate brand vision and values to employees
  • An opportunity for staff to communicate the employer brand widely
  • A way to keep employees informed, engaged, connected and passionate about their role in driving the brand forward

Qubist Tip: An employee advocacy programme usually begins with a pilot involving a small group of advocates before being rolled out across an organisation, so you can test, learn and adapt in this pilot phase.

Employee pride

By empowering employees through an employee advocacy programme their engagement and pride in what they do not only increases, but so does their productivity and their ability to have a positive impact for the company externally.

Disparate employees will feel a closer connection to leaders, be aligned more with the brand ethos and have more opportunities to learn new skills and share their knowledge.

 See 'Employee advocacy success: What type of content will advocates share?'

The Qubist employee advocacy platform and proprietary Advocate Experience Management methodology allows global brands and businesses to quickly scale measurable word-of-mouth and achieve sustainable results.

Learn more about Qubist: Request a demo today


Interested in learning what the Qubist platform and our Advocate Experience Management methodology can do for your brand? Get in contact and request a demo today





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Caroline Jory
Caroline Jory
Sales and Marketing Director at Qubist

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