5 ways to transform your employee advocacy programme in 2019

How Employee Advocacy makes a huge impact on talent acquisition

5 ways to drive a successful employee advocacy programme

#LifeatSky: How Sky has driven recruitment through employee advocacy

Do employees mind being asked to share content on their personal networks?

Can we run our employee advocacy programme in different languages?

Is an employee advocacy programme an alternative to our Intranet?

Beyond Paid Media: How Employee Advocacy drives ROI

NEW Webinar: Why will candidates choose you? How employee advocacy is creating a revolution in talent acquisition

Can we run our employee advocacy programme in different languages?

Employee Advocacy: How it helps bring together a disparate workforce

Employee Advocacy: Where do we get content for our advocacy programme?

Our employees share already - why will an advocacy tech platform help?

Employee Advocacy Programmes: What data do we get to measure progress?

Sign up now for webinar with Brian Solis: Employee Advocacy - why now is the time to empower your team (3 May)

Qubist's WAVE 2017 summit shortlisted as finalist in Conference Awards 2018

Qubist launches new white paper – 'Employee Advocacy: The Talent Acquisition Revolution'

How employee advocacy increases marketing reach and engagement

How employee advocacy drives talent acquisition

Who do you need on your employee advocacy team?

How to motivate your team to join an employee advocacy programme?

Webinar: Employee Advocacy - why now is the time to empower your team

Qubist present at the CMA's The Future of B2B Marketing Summit

Employee advocacy success: Reputation Management

Webinar: Employee advocacy and influence - why now is the time to empower your team gives Instagram account over to employees to drive advocacy

Employee advocacy success: What type of content will advocates share?

Employee advocacy success: Who to recruit as your first advocates?

Employee Advocacy: How Sky is leading the way in talent acquisition

Employee advocacy builds momentum at Benefit Cosmetics UK

How TSB empowers its own partners to build brand advocacy

5 lessons Iceland Foods learned from starting an employee advocacy programme

Influence 2.0: The new wave of Influence and the rise of brand advocates

Video Sessions from WAVE 2017: Out now

Qubist on stage at World Travel Market: Is Influencer Marketing the way forward for destinations?

Asos shows the way with brand advocate success

What does Influence mean to you? Video clips from WAVE 2017 speakers

Qubist makes waves with new event: Influencer Marketing needs a radical re-think

WAVE 2017 Influence 2.0 Marketing Summit takes off in style: Pictures from the day

Brian Solis opens #WAVE17

Last chance to book tickets for WAVE 2017 Influence 2.0 Marketing Summit 

1-Day Flash Sale: WAVE 2017 Influencer 2.0 Marketing Summit - 50% off full price tickets

5 expert quotes on employee advocacy

RIP Influencer Marketing: Brian Solis on Influence 2.0

5 talks on customers not to miss at WAVE 2017 Influence 2.0 Marketing Summit

7 expert quotes on the new era of influence

How Lenovo is driving brand advocacy to build longer lasting customer relationships

Why employee ambassadors are key to success in employer branding

How General Electric empowers their employee brand ambassadors to build a global employer brand

Employee advocacy has come of age. But how are big brands using it?

How Pitney Bowes drives sales with social selling

WAVE 2017: Prices go up tomorrow

Eva Appelbaum on why she is hopeful of the human revolution and inspiring change

What's on the agenda for WAVE 2017?

How Iceland Foods increased brand awareness and growth through their employee advocates

Antony Mayfield, Brilliant Noise, announced as keynote speaker for WAVE 2017

How The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) used advocacy marketing to drive growth

WAVE 2017 Interview: Adrian Swinscoe, Consultant, Customer experience expert and Bestselling Author

5 talks not to miss at WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit

WAVE 2017 Interview: Sophie Morris, Strategic Marketing & Sponsorship Director, Millharbour Marketing

Save the date: 14 November 2017 - WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit 

Brian Solis announced as keynote speaker for WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit

WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit - Super Early Bird tickets on sale now

Home retail: How Word of Mouth Marketing helps sell higher-ticket items

WAVE 2017 Interview: Tim Hughes, Co-Founder, Digital Leadership Associates

How Thought Leadership can increase B2B brand awareness and sales

Taking control: Employee Engagement without the confusion

Customer and employee influencer marketing: Still sweet for big soft drinks brands

Outdoor Retail Goods: How not to get left out in the cold

How luxury brands can use employee influencers to strike gold

Car and bike manufacturers driving sales through customer and employee influencers

Banking on employees: new influencer marketing in financial services

Fashion...turn to the left, Fashion...turn to the right - why big brands are putting customers and employees on the catwalk

Retail Employee Engagement: How to sell to the C-Suite – A quick guide for marketers

How telecoms giants are switching on customers and employees

How Icelandair uses employee engagement to improve customer service

How beauty brands are enabling customers and employees to be their champions

4 top tips for building an employer brand. Plus, how HomeServe serves...

Why the future of Influencer Marketing lies with your customers and employees

Qube launches new White Paper: The Next Evolution of Influencer Marketing

WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit. *Flash Sale* - 2 for 1 tickets out now.

WAVE 2017 Interview: Pete Jenkins, Founder Gamification+ Ltd, Chair of GamFed

Influencer Marketing 2.0: Four ways employee and customer influence rocks

Why do advocates share?

Who is speaking at WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit?

6 Very good reasons to attend WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit

How an advocacy programme will help you retain great staff and customers

How do I learn more about Qubist?

How social media employee advocacy can be truly transformative

WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit launches

Why advocate marketing is a perfect fit for any membership organisation

The social shopper revolution: Smart phones & the rise of social commerce

What’s the difference between Influencer Marketing, Referral Marketing and Advocate Marketing?

Social Media Sales Take off in B2B Marketing

All eyes on me: Digital spend overtakes TV for the first time

The Future 50 2017: Qubist one of 50 most disruptive UK companies

Qubist: An Advocate Platform for Multiple Sectors Wins Media Attention

Facemash to Cash Money: How Social Grew Up

The 500 Club: How an Army of Advocates is Transforming the ICAEW

1000 advocates in 100 days

Qubist Interview: Inside Advocacy with Hurrah for Gin's Katie Kirby

Why including brand fans in your next big event might just make you famous

The Impact of Digital on Employee Advocacy

Qubist Interview: Inside Advocacy with Marc Duke

Qubist Interview: Inside Advocacy with The Good Agency’s Chris Norman

Qube Media announce first Advocate Marketing Retail White Paper

Qubist Interview: Inside Advocacy with MEC’s Maria Dsouza

Qubist Interview: Inside Advocacy with The National Gallery’s Mona Walsh

Why Vegans, MAMILs & Gin lovers should be top of your Influencer list this year

Qube announce first Advocate and Influencer Marketing Travel White Paper

Winning & losing in digital marketing 2017: Trends that will shape the year

What Iceland Foods has learnt through starting Advocate Marketing

Breakfast Briefing 24th November: Transforming Retail Marketing through Advocacy

How to increase reviews for your travel brand: Five takeaways

Travel reviews: A Must-Win Space for Brands

7 Things we learnt from the CXSummit 2016

Event Invite: Winning and losing in digital marketing in 2017 (event series November)

Social Media Brand Advocacy: Making it easy for your best customers

Why we’re speaking at the CX Summit 2016

What is Advocate Marketing anyway?

Snap Inc eyes new advertising opportunities, but what about smaller brands?

How to Win at Retail Customer Advocacy

Key trends in Influencer Marketing for 2016: Part 2

Kill your Television: How Social is Turning down the Volume on TV

My BFF told me: How friends are helping brands get the edge (advocate marketing)

How to scale advocate marketing, measure it and be your brand’s superhero in 2017

Key trends in Influencer Marketing for 2016: Part 1

Why advocate marketing is going to make your biggest competitor jealous

Playing to the crowd: Why the main game is off the court

People buy from people: why you need to rethink your relationship with customers

What are the new marketing trends for Q3 and Q4 in 2016?

Are you the 42% Why you need to start customer advocacy

Qube announce The State of Advocate and Influencer Marketing 2016 report

3 reasons to attend the State of Influencer and Advocate Marketing breakfast briefing

Breakfast briefing: The State of Influencer and Advocate Marketing 2016

Advocate and influencer marketing research and complimentary industry report

Your customers start by listening to advocates, not adverts

3 ways you aren't getting the most from your satisfied customers

5 ways to get your customers singing your praises online

5 ways to fix your social media

5 ways your customers could help you increase sales (part 2)

5 ways your customers could help you increase sales (part 1)

Want to know why people don't share your social media content?

The difference between advocate marketing and influencer marketing.

Making meaning in 2016, according to Instagram's Alastair Cotterill

Qubist makes impact in Travel Marketing Awards 2016

3 biggest digital trends for 2016 - according to Facebook's Ed Couchman

Advocacy marketing: number 1 priority for all brands facing 2016

Content marketing 2016: where disruption turns into opportunity

Award win: Best Use of Content Marketing

The Instagrammer who lifted the lid

Should we all be quite so open online?

What is advocate marketing anyway?

Qube recognised alongside top global brands

True brand advocacy: making a match with the right people

Qube a finalist for two CMA awards!

Why advocate marketing is now a necessity

Brand advocacy: turning customer data to real advantage

Using brand advocates to generate awareness and engagement online in 2016

Facebook posts reach 40% less page fans - advocate marketing is now crucial

AWARD: Best use of content marketing 2015

Content reigns - the power of stories for advocacy marketing campaigns

How do you market to your brand advocates on Facebook?

Luxury brands, keep your allure, keep your 'sacred' distance

Investing in future potential: turn aspiration into brand advocacy

What to look for in an online brand advocate, writer or influencer

The power of peer to peer: is advocate marketing the future?

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