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5 reasons leading companies are using employee advocacy for recruitment

Leading companies who want to attract the best talent are identifying their own employees as key influencers on the candidate journey.

The future of recruitment includes your workforce as part of a dynamic, integrated talent strategy to identify, reach, communicate with and convert the brightest minds.

Below we look at five ways employee advocacy increases ROI on talent acquisition and drives down recruitment costs; how an employee advocacy app can help; and why you need to get started now.
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1. Your employees reach the best candidates 

Brands simply don’t have the cut-through they once had to reach the candidates they want on social media. Although traditional above-the-line advertising and Paid Media are part of the marketing stack, it’s increasingly expensive to drive reach and, with more and more people turning on ad blockers, brands can end up spending significant amounts of money to little effect.  

So, what is it about a company’s own people that’s giving leading brands the competitive edge? Employees have a high degree of trust in their networks; when they communicate about their workplace culture or career stories, they reach their network and those followers are much more likely to act on the employee’s advice. With platform algorithms prioritising meaningful content and time well spent over brand marketing content, employees are also able to reach a wider candidate pool more easily.

Working with your employees - through an easy to use advocacy app like Qubist - gives you the chance to communicate contextually relevant content that will increase your hire rate and the quality of your candidate pool. According to Jobvite, referral-based hires are converted 55% faster, cost less to recruit, are quicker to onboard and stay longer.
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2. Marketing has become a conversation

Traditional marketing now often seems ham-fisted and unfit for today’s recruitment market. Modern marketing - which includes recruitment marketing - needs to feel like a personalised, two-way, authentic, relevant and genuine conversation on platforms where people feel more able to be themselves.

People want to talk directly to people within a company rather than research in general terms on websites or reading company brochures. They want information that’s relevant to their needs, motivations and aspirations. They are looking to connect in a more personal and direct way.

Qubist partners with brands to make it possible for employees to engage with their network of potential candidates on private messaging apps such as messenger or whatsapp.

See our Product Page3. Companies are embracing a human connection in tech

More than 2 billion people use messaging apps every day as their preferred means of communication. This represents a huge black hole for companies not accounting for the way that people now like to talk to each other online.

With the rise in bots and automated faceless tech, we’re seeing an increasing demand for a more human connection in marketing. While this won’t mean a roll back in the use of tech and ecommerce, there will be an expectation and demand to talk to real people at the right point along the candidate journey.

Employees are the human face of a company.

Employee advocacy is the opportunity to generate conversations between your employees and people considering your company for their next career move.

4. Content is becoming employee driven

Employee generated content – the employee version of UGC - is fast becoming a key part of a brand’s content creation.

Far from being a campaign gimmick or seasonal nod to the workforce, employee driven content is now being recognised for its authenticity, ability to reach further than conventional marketing, and capacity to convert candidates. Employee generated content drives higher levels of engagement - UGC posts shared to social channels see a 28% higher engagement rate than standard brand posts.

5. Employee advocacy requires a strategic approach

Companies that have worked hard to develop their employer branding proposition need a way to communicate their identity, mission and values effectively. This is where an employee advocacy solution to distribute key messages via employees can really achieve cut through. We see an employee advocacy app solution support companies to communicate to a wider audience, while embedding an organisation’s purpose at its heart.

However, to launch an employee advocacy programme it is critical that you have a strategy and roadmap to mobilise your workforce for success, plus the right tech and team behind you to create a shift in mindset around the value of employees driving an organisation forward.

Qubist transforms business communications empowering your employees to become brand advocates and drive growth. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

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Caroline Jory
Caroline Jory
Sales and Marketing Director at Qubist

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