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5 expert quotes on employee advocacy

Employee advocacy online is transforming the way we think about peer-to-peer influencer marketing and how the people who know your products and services best can give you a huge competitive edge.

An army of engaged employees amplifying your key messages in a personal way, that is relevant and resonates with their trusted networks, is driving leads and conversions as never before.

Here's 5 expert quotes on employee advocacy.

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Shaunda Zilich, Global Employment Brand Leader, General Electric

"Our companies successes of tomorrow rest on the talent we hire today.  The companies that are leading with brand to attract candidates and entice them in will rise above. The foundation of a brand led strategy in talent attraction is brand advocates. 

Our employees are the face of a transparent and real-time brand for our companies. They cause the emotional enchantment, by telling their stories, to attract the top talent, giving our companies the best chance for success now and in the future."See the Qubist technology behind successful employee advocacy programmes  globally

Paul Lewis, Global Social and Digital Marketing and Social Selling Lead, Pitney Bowes

"Recent research has revealed that 84% of B2B buyers are now starting the purchasing process with a referral, and peer recommendations are influencing more than 90% of all B2B buying decisions

Social selling is no longer optional for your business. It’s disrupting the traditional sales process – as is frequently said in today’s digital economy - disrupt or be disrupted.

Social selling is about establishing your personal brand, positioning yourself as a subject matter expert, building credibility."

Charu Malhotra, Global Resourcing & Employer Branding Leader, Ferrero

"Having employees create content and talk about the company they work for is a natural trend that feels right. People don’t trust CEOs or governments in the way they once did but they think ‘I’m going to trust my friend’, as long as it is written in the person’s voice and sounds authentic.

One of the reasons for this is people don’t wake up and think “I’m a candidate today, and a
consumer tomorrow.” They think, “I’m human. Talk to me in language that is human." So there’s a move away from global campaigns to employee generated content."

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Eva Appelbaum, Co-Founder, Arc Group and Future Strategy Club

"What is most important is ensuring your employees are engaged. It is so important to ask: Do employees buy into the vision? Can they articulate it? Can they see themselves within it? How do they feel about their work? This is what drives advocacy. Engagement is so important, but whether you need to do this innovative ways is by the by - what is more important is that you do it meaningfully and effectively."

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Harprett Panesar, Business Manager, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

"How do you go about making a step change in B2B Marketing for big organisations with thousands of members and associates? Control was a big question mark for us – how to create a consistent but non-uniform message about our brand through hundreds of advocates.

When we started looking at social media word-of-mouth and all the conversations happening, it was clear we needed a tool (Qubist) that helped us to manage this effectively. If we wanted to engage with our advocates and scale up, then we needed a rigorous support system to roll out a big programme...

Many of our members say it’s the best thing we do, it’s been that powerful. It’s helping advocates in their business and also increasing our brand awareness incredibly, so it has been a fantastic B2B marketing success."

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The Qubist employee advocacy platform and proprietary Advocate Experience Management methodology allows global brands and businesses to quickly scale measurable word-of-mouth and achieve sustainable results.

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